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Mad about Madeira: Eastwell madeira

By Duco Peeters 28 juni 2017 oktober 22nd, 2017 No Comments
Mad about Madeira

In the 19th century it was, especially in the United States, common to see Madeira wine named after the ship that transported the wine to America. Back then, Madeira wines traded in casks and hence were stenciled after ship names such as Earthquake, Hurricane or Liberty to mention just a few. The practice ended a long time ago but now a new Madeira wine named after a ship has reached the market – Eastwell.

Behind the wine is the knowledgeable Portugal friend Moritz Peeters who runs Wijnhandel Peeters in Rotterdam. This particular wine has been on his mind for several years and I have been fortunate to follow the project and receiving updates along the way. The wine shop in the harbor city of Rotterdam is a family business dating back all the way to 1928 and Moritz’s wanted to pay tribute to the founder of the shop, Marinus Peeters. Before establishing the wine shop, he was 15 years earlier working as a stoker aboard the tug of Ijmuiden. Since Marinus was quite a hero after helping rescuing 75 passengers from the sinking British ship Eastwell on March 16, 1913, the choice of name was easy. Whether or not Eastwell carried any Madeira the story does not tell, but hey, British ship, 1913…it would probably come as a huge surprise if there were not any Madeira on board!

Together with Blandy’s chief winemaker Francisco Albuquerque, Moritz Peeters, chose six different casks of canteiro aged Tinta Negra for the unique Eastwell blend. The oldest being from 2000 and the youngest a 2013. Four of the casks contained a drier style of Tinta Negra, one was medium dry and one medium rich.

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Light amber color, touch of bronze. An integrated, quite complex bouquet with notes of marzipan, old stone cellar, dried jasmine flowers, fresh dates, a herbal touch and classic American oak scents, a Blandy’s trademark. On the palate, a pure expression, well integrated alcohol and sweetness, pipe tobacco, vanilla, spices, wet rocks and an elegant acidity driven finale.

Mad about Madeira rating: 90 points

If the bouquet is Blandy’s, the palate is leaning more towards Cossart Gordon with its elegance and marked acidity. It is a delicious and outstanding Tinta Negra and when Madeira does not focus on intensity but instead on drinkability it adapts to the modern wine drinker. The Eastwell is a great example of just how good a 5 Years Old can be. Moreover, it is Tinta Negra!

Blended in March 2016, it is now available in different formats in The Netherlands. Check out the dedicated Eastwell website for more information or talk with Moritz Peeters to find out shipping (!) possibilities.

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