Barbeito Vo Vera 30y old Malvasia 75cl

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VINEYARDS AND VINIFICATION: The must was obtained through foot treading. Arresting of fermentation takes place at the desired degree of sweetness by adding vinic alcohol (96%).

LOTE: After 10 years, I fulfill my promise to release the second blend of Malvasia 30 years. This time, I pay tribute to my grandmother. This year we celebrate Barbeito’s 70th anniversary, an important milestone in our history. Family tradition is well represented by this release to which I have carefully chosen the best Malvasia wines aged by the traditional method of Canteiro in our warehouses. It aims to be an example of a blend in which very old wines are added and where sweetness is hardly noticed at the beginning and end of the mouth. In February 2016, 612 bottles have been filled, all individually numbered.


Alcohol: 20,10%
Vol. Baume: 3,9
Total sugar: 98 g/l
Volatile acidity: 1,14
Total Acidity: 9,15
pH: 3, 30


To show it at its best serve between 13oC/14oC. Should be kept in a cool dry place. This wine was bottled and ready for drinking and will keep several months after opening.


Amber Colour
Lush bouquet! Sandal wood, exotic notes and smoked. Hints of balsamic, clove, licorice and caramelized walnuts. Oily, sophisticated palate, racy acidity yet, with a super subtle finish and finesse.
Excellent as digestif

Complex, perfectly balanced and multi-layered flavors, spiced acidity and good depth, beautifully clean and warm. Finish with a lingering dryness.