Warre Private Cellar Vintage 1970

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1970 was an outstanding Vintage with ripe fruit flavours and concentrated tannins, great balance and structure, and destined to be long-lived wines.  Certainly one of the absolute finest Vintage Ports of the last 50 years.  Declared by all the major houses.

Warres Vintage port is now mature and probably one of the finest glasses of port that you will ever taste. A wine of this quality, from the best houses, will age superbly for many decades to come.

This is a very serious wine, which is still challenging, with notes of almonds, figs and prunes, all finished with a hint of bittersweet chocolate.  A warm and embracing port which is gloriously vibrant and has perfect weight and balance.

Warre Vintage 1970 ‘Late Cellar Released’

Gebotteld in 1972 en pas op de markt gebracht eind 2016!

Nog slechts 6 flessen beschikbaar.

Alcohol: 20%

Inhoud: 75cl

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