Barbeito Frasquiera Verdelho 1992 Madeira 50cl

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VINEYARDS AND VINIFICATION: Grapes from various quality vineyards from Estreito de Câmara de Lobos and São Vicente were used. Grapes were pressed in a continuous press. Arresting of fermentation takes place at the desired degree of sweetness by adding vinic alcohol (96%).

MATURATION & BOTTLING: My family still continues to preserve the traditional methods of making and aging Madeira wine. Our company is known for the elegance of its wines from grapes selected from my favourite vineyards. This Frasqueira aged beautifully over 20 years in old French oak casks by the traditional canteiro method. This Verdelho made me realize the importance of the grapes from the North Coast for the acidity in my wines. In August 2013, 600 bottles of 500ml and 550 of 750ml have been filled, all individually numbered.


Alcohol 19,24% Vol.

Baumé 2,2

Total sugar 73,6 g/l

Volatile acidity 0,96

pH 3,42

SERVING & CELLARAGE: Madeira wine should be kept vertically and in cool dry place. Decanting is recommended, serve best 16oC or low room temperature 18oC. It will keep well several months once opened.

TASTING NOTES AND HARMONIES: Gold with orange highlights. Notes of dried tropical fruits, white chocolate and spiced citrus background. Elegant and well balanced acidity. Finish silky, light and fresh. Excellent as digestive.