Causes & Cures Semi-Dry White Vermouth, Yarra Valley, Australia

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Causes & Cures Semi Dry White Vermouth 500mL

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Biodynamic viognier grapes are hand-picked, whole bunched pressed and undergo a wild ferment in French puncheons and barriques. The wine is fermented to 14% alcohol.


This craft, small batch vermouth has small and exacting measures of local and imported botanicals, the most influential on the style being wormwood, juniper, gentian, bay leaf, cinchona and seville orange.

The botanicals are macerated separately in the fortifying spirit (a distillate of the mother wine) and the blended aromatic spirit is then used to fortify the mother wine to 17% alcohol. The resulting vermouth is racked, coarse filtered and bottled with only a minimal amount of sulphur.

Keep chilled and pour over ice with a sliver of orange and a twisted, fresh bay leaf, or as a versatile accompaniment to craft spirits and cocktails.”

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